WISDOM Launch Panel

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Launch event! Here is a video of the event for those who missed it. We hope you can make the next one!

"When women joined the biology workforce,
wages dropped 18 percent."

U.S. Census Data

"The NSF reports that women comprise only 21 percent of full professors in science fields and 5 percent of full professors in
engineering despite earning about half the doctorates in science and engineering in the nation."

National Science Foundation

"In every STEM occupation for which there is available data, the median weekly earnings for men were 16-26 percent
higher than they were for women in 2015.”

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

"Of the 168 individuals awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, four are women so far."


"Of the 198 individuals awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics,
only two are women."


Our Mission

Igniting the inner passion of the sciences in every woman to drive a balanced scientific journey now and into tomorrow

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Our Mission

"Just as my previous advisors had done for me... made me so excited about science, I wanted to do that for my own students."

- Lauren Zarzar, Assistant Professor, Penn State University

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